Agenda for November 2013 general meeting. East/West Link presentation

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The next monthly meeting of the Association is this Tuesday (19/11/2013) at 7.30pm. The venue is the Dewey Common, Bastow Institute, 601 Queensberry Street, North Melbourne (enter from Union Street to the west with access for all).

This is a very important meeting as the Linking Melbourne Authority will present on the East/West Link Proposal and the Comprehensive Impact Statement (C.I.S.) released earlier this month. Documentation etc will be available on the night.

The presentation, about 30 minutes, will be from Geoff Rayner Director and Chief Operations Officer at the Authority. One hour has been allowed for questions after the presentation. It is the only item on the agenda for the night.

If any member has a detailed or special question on this topic, they can provide it in advance to me and I will ask the Authority to provide a detailed answer on Tuesday night.

Kevin Chamberlin