Rally At Zagame site.

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On Saturday 20th November 2010, a crowd of over 80 attended the protest rally at 577 King Street, West Melbourne.  It was great turnout and many attendees held placards to inform both the Zagame staff and the passing traffic of the issues relating to this ten storey high rise development located in a Design and Development Overlay zone that is supposed to be limited  to four.  Unfortunately, the media failed to arrive but some active discussion and questioning took place during the rally, reflecting the serious concern of those attending.

Marchers pacing up and down in front of the car showroom clearly made the point that we would not be going away. Car horns sounded their support.  A resounding “No” was sounded by attendees to the following statements: Did we like the development including ten storey boomerang and 259 units?  Should the authorities allow the proposal to go ahead?   Has the City of Melbourne done enough to support the West Melbourne Structure Plan?  Does this proposal respect the requirements of DDO29, keeping the height limit to four storeys?

Emphasis was made of the need to be prepared to attend the Central City Standing Advisory Committee, possibly on the 21 of December at 5.00pm.