The original North Melbourne Association was formed in 1967 and developed an impressive record on issues around land-use, urban conservation, community and traffic planning. It became less active over time, for want of members able to devote time and energy.

In 1998 the North and West Melbourne Association Inc. was formed by the merger of the North Melbourne Association and the North and West Melbourne Action Group. The amalgamated Group aimed to address a range of local community matters, particularly in planning, and to provide a forum for those who live or work in the area to contribute to the social fabric and future directions of their community.

Current issues include: childcare, schools, open space, parking, and a range of planning applications.

The Statements of Purpose in our Constitution are :

  • To initiate and, where necessary, implement action which will assist the retention, integration, development and advancement of the social, cultural and community infrastructure and the business activity of North and West Melbourne.
  • To initiate and, where necessary, implement action which will assist in the protection and enhancement of the built and natural environment, where this environment has demonstrated and acknowledged value.
  • To encourage such activities as are likely to help the people of North and West Melbourne to become constructively involved in matters affecting their life and work.
  • To provide effective means of approaching Municipal, State and Federal governments and other public authorities and instrumentalities.
  • To co-operate with others, both within and outside North and West Melbourne, who have similar interests and objectives.

Heritage and Conservation

North and West Melbourne buildings and streetscapes reflect their valued history of mixed residential and industrial development.
Protection and enhancement requires ongoing input through Council’s planning, heritage and other committees – at a statutory level by responding to planning permit applications and at a strategic level by providing input into the development of Council policy (for example the Urban Design Strategy, Statements of Significance for Heritage Precincts and the Policy for Advertising on Tram Shelters).



The Association is concerned at the lack of democracy in the City of Melbourne and the disenfranchisement of North and West Melbourne citizens. Our wards have been abolished and we are forced to vote by mail. We are actively involved in the Coalition of Residents & Business Associations in the City of Melbourne (CoRBA – Melbourne). More details of this policy are available on the CoRBA – Melbourne website which is at:


The NWMA’s constitution can be viewed here